"My Marching Band"
Singer/Storyteller/Songwriter Rachel Friedman is celebrating the release of her album, My Marching Band, 12 beautifully recorded original songs. Influenced heavily by her dreamworld, the sounds of her native NYC and the many musical forms she devoured growing up, Rachel is hard to categorize into one genre. She has a unique storytelling voice that explores everything from the mundane to the magical. Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, each little world she creates, both lyrically and musically, will stay with you. Bawdy and vulnerable, Rachel holds opposite tensions that are at once familiar and totally surprising.

Media & Photos
"If You Have Me Forever"
Interview: Brooklyn Independent Media

Press Quotes
"So, take some Joni Mitchell , Carole King, Jill Sobule, and Lorde. Mix them all together, drop her off in present day Brooklyn and viola you’ve got the most refreshing, truly original talent that I’ve heard in years. Rachel Friedman is the One".
- Elizabeth Ziff of BETTY

"Rachel Friedman's voice is honey and wine and I love everything about her".
- John Cameron Mitchell

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